Dates of Operations and Hours
Mother's Day to May 25th Weekends only from 10am - 8pm
May 26th  - September 3rd Everyday 10am - 8pm
Labor Day until the end of September  Weekends only from 10am - 8pm
September until Mother's Day Closed

(School days May 28th-30th and August 19th-30th the pool will be open from 4:00-8:00pm)

Adults (18+) may swim outside of hours after signing a waiver which is available at the front desk.

Rules and Guest policy:The following Pool Rules related to the operation of the swimming pool facilities and the conduct of Club

Members when utilizing the swimming pool facilities of the Club, have been duly established by the Pool Committee with the approval of the Board of Directors.

  • SECTION 1: All members and their guests will be required to register at the Pool Check-In Table for admittance to the Pool. 
  • SECTION 2: The Pool Manager and lifeguards, after consulting with Club management, may suspend pool privileges to those who do not adhere to the pool rules and/or demonstrate a lack of respect to the pool authorities or in other ways conduct themselves to the detriment of the safety or enjoyment of others using the pool. 
  • SECTON 3: All children under the age of ten must have a responsible chaperone. Children age 10 and above may use the pool facilities without the direct supervision of a chaperone if they fulfill the following requirements: Children must sign in at the pool on a daily basis, indicating time of arrival. Children or their parents must provide to the Pool Manager an emergency contact number where a parent or caregiver can be reached. 
  • SECTION 4:
    • POOL GUEST POLICY: Local guests may use the pool area when accompanied by a memberone time per monthafter registration and payment of appropriate fees. Houseguests (from out of town), when accompanied by a member, may use the pool area an unlimited number of times at no charge.Members must register all houseguests and receive a guest cardfor them to present to the guards upon arrival. Members must assume all responsibility, including dress code and conduct, of their guests.
    • POOL RULES: No outside food or beveragewill be permitted at the pool, except on Mondays when the Turn Shack is not open.
      • No pets in pool area.
      • All beverages must be in either plastic or Styrofoam containers. No glass allowed.
      • Unauthorized persons are not allowed in filter room or on lifeguard chair.
      • No swimming by persons under 18 years of age when lifeguard is not on duty.
      • Wading pool limited to children 4 years old or under and strictly enforced.
      • Children who wear diapers MUST wear swim pants in pools.
      • No child will be allowed in the lap pool until he is able to swim across the pool unattended. (This is for the child’s own protection.)
      • No running, pushing, or rough behavior will be permitted.
      • River Hills Country Club will not be responsible for loss of personal property.
      • Adult swimming 10 minutes at end of each hour.
      • No diving in areas of the pool less than 4’ deep
River Hills Country Club

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